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Kapital Suede Leather Prisoner Craft Tatter Sole Sparrow Sneakers

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Sneakers with stencil design prints applied to tape stitched in a grid pattern. Easy to put on and take off with front zipper. Comfortable sneakers with removable cup insole. ※ This product has undergone used processing. Tears or damages due to processing are intentional design elements and not product defects. Also, it reproduces changes due to aging, so weaknesses in the fabric may be visible. ※ Due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration may occur over time, so please be aware. Tape portion: 100% acrylic Leather used

size Approximate size
size1 Approximately 24.5cm ~25cm
size2 Approximately 25.5cm ~26cm
size3 Approximately 26.5cm ~ 27cm
size4 Approximately 27.5cm ~28cm
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