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Kapital Cotton x Linen Patchwork Kathmandu Shirt (Short Sleeve) 2022

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A shirt made from patchwork of cotton and linen. The design is finished as if it has been repeatedly repaired, with mismatched buttons, pocket marks, stitching, etc. Each piece of patchwork fabric has a different texture, making it a piece you can cherish for a long time. *This product has been processed to look secondhand. Tears and damage caused by processing are intended by the design and are not product defects. Since this represents the changes that occur over time, some weakening of the fabric may be visible. *Due to the nature of the design, this product has been partially cut off. Frayed threads may be visible in the fabric, but this is intended by the design and is not a product defect. 70% cotton, 30% linen
size Length shoulder width Chest hem Sleeve Length cuff Neckline
size1 28.74inch 18.50inch 46.46inch 47.24inch 10.63inch 7.48inch 15.75inch
size2 29.53inch 19.29inch 48.03inch 48.82inch 11.02inch 7.48inch 16.14inch
size3 30.31inch 20.08inch 49.61inch 50.39inch 11.42inch 7.87inch 16.54inch
size4 31.10inch 20.87inch 51.18inch 51.97inch 11.81inch 7.87inch 16.93inch
size5 31.89inch 21.65inch 52.76inch 53.54inch 12.20inch 8.27inch 17.32inch
size Length shoulder width Chest hem Sleeve Length cuff Neckline
size1 73cm 47cm 118cm 120cm 27cm 19cm 40cm
size2 75cm 49cm 122cm 124cm 28cm 19.5cm 41cm
size3 77cm 51cm 126cm 128cm 29cm 20cm 42cm
size4 79cm 53cm 130cm 132cm 30cm 20.5cm 43cm
size5 81cm 55cm 134cm 136cm 31cm 21cm 44cm
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