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Kapital 14oz Black x Black Denim 5P Monkey CISCO Pants

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Size Waist (inch) Hip (inch) Thigh (inch) Rise (inch) Hem (inch) Inseam (inch)
28inch 27.95 inches 36.61 inches 11.42 inches 11.02 inches 6.69 inches 30.71 inches
30inch 29.92 inches 38.58 inches 11.81 inches 11.42 inches 7.09 inches 30.71 inches
32inch 31.89 inches 40.55 inches 12.20 inches 11.81 inches 7.48 inches 31.50 inches
34inch 33.86 inches 42.52 inches 12.60 inches 12.20 inches 7.87 inches 31.50 inches
36inch 35.83 inches 44.49 inches 12.99 inches 12.60 inches 8.27 inches 32.28 inches
38inch 37.80 inches 46.46 inches 13.39 inches 12.99 inches 8.66 inches 32.28 inches
Size Waist (cm) Hip (cm) Thigh (cm) Rise (cm) Hem (cm) Inseam (cm)
28inch 71cm 93cm 29cm 28cm 17cm 78cm
30inch 76cm 98cm 30cm 29cm 18cm 78cm
32inch 81cm 103cm 31cm 30cm 19cm 80cm
34inch 86cm 108cm 32cm 31cm 20cm 80cm
36inch 91cm 113cm 33cm 32cm 21cm 82cm
38inch 96cm 118cm 34cm 33cm 22cm 82cm

One of KAPITAL's standard denims, Monkey CISCO. It has a silhouette that fits the hips moderately and tapers. Button fly type. It is made using black x black denim woven with black-dyed warp and weft threads. ※ This product has undergone used processing. Any tears or damage resulting from processing are part of the design and not product defects. ※ This product uses natural leather. Please be cautious as it may transfer color to clothing due to friction, sweat, moisture, etc. Cotton 100% Cowhide used

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