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Kapital 14G Cotton Knit Oyster Aloha Polo shirt (short sleeve)

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A knit polo shirt incorporating the design of an aloha shirt. The sleeves and hem are ribbed. It features a dressy pleated design on the front expressed in knit. *This product has a coarse knit texture, so please be careful of snagging or fraying during wear. Cotton 65% Nylon 35%

Size Length Shoulder Chest  Hem Sleeve Cuff Neckline
1 22.8in 15.0in 37.8in 27.6in 10.2in 3.9in 18.9in
3 24.4in 18.1in 43.3in 30.7in 10.6in 4.3in 18.9in
Size Length Shoulder  Chest  Hem Sleeve  Cuff Neckline
1 58cm 38cm 96cm 70cm 26cm 10cm 48cm
3 62cm 46cm 110cm 78cm 27cm 11cm 48cm
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