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Kapital 14oz Black x Black Denim Nouvelle Shuttle Pants

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Size Waist Hip Thigh Rise Hem Inseam
size1 26.8~32.3 inch 40.9 inch 15.0 inch 16.5 inch 11.8 inch 26.8 inch
size2 27.2~33.9 inch 41.7 inch 15.0 inch 16.9 inch 11.8 inch 27.6 inch
size3 28.7~35.4 inch 43.3 inch 15.4 inch 17.3 inch 12.2 inch 28.3 inch
size4 30.3~37.0 inch 44.9 inch 15.7 inch 17.7 inch 12.6 inch 29.1 inch
Size Waist Hip Thigh Rise Hem Inseam
size1 68~82cm 104cm 38cm 42cm 30cm 68cm
size2 69~86cm 106cm 38cm 43cm 30cm 70cm
size3 73~90cm 110cm 39cm 44cm 31cm 72cm
size4 77~94cm 114cm 40cm 45cm 32cm 74cm

Pants with a voluminous wide silhouette. Made from 14oz denim with black warp and weft. The waist has an easy design with elastic and string. Hook-and-loop fasteners with the word KAPITAL are attached to the knees and hem, allowing you to adjust the silhouette to your liking. *This product has been processed as a used item. Any tears or damage caused by processing are intentional in the design and are not product defects. This represents changes due to aging, so there may be signs of weakness in the fabric etc. 100% cotton tape part ① 100% nylon tape part ② 100% polypropylene waist string 95% cotton 5% polyester

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