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Kapital IDG Tenjiku HUGE-T 2022 (Furoshiki embroidery) tee EK-1253

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size Length shoulder chest hem sleever length
Inch Inch Inch Inch Inch
size1 26.77  27.56  57.48  57.48  9.06 
size3 28.35  29.92  61.42  61.42  9.45 
size Length shoulder chest hem sleever length
size1 68cm 70cm 146 cm 146 cm 23cm
size3 72cm 76cm 156 cm 156 cm 24 cm

A big silhouette T-shirt made from indigo fabric. An elegant piece with sashiko embroidery on both sleeves, which is a traditional folk art. Compared to the conventional one, it has a well-balanced silhouette with a narrow neck and a longer length.

* This product uses IDG dye. Color may adhere to other clothing etc. by wearing.
* This product is embroidered on the fabric. The embroidered part may be damaged due to friction, catching, etc., so please handle it with care.

100% cotton

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