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Kapital 12.5oz Denim 5P Rat Flare Pants (ZEPHYROS INSANE Remake)

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Size Waist Hip Thigh FrontRise Hem Inseam
32 inch 31.10in 39.37in 12.20in 11.61in 10.83in 33.46in
34 inch 33.07in 41.34in 12.80in 11.81in 11.42in 33.46in
Size Waist Hip Thigh FrontRise Hem Inseam
32 inch 79cm 100cm 31cm 29.5cm 27.5cm 85cm
34 inch 84cm 105cm 32.5cm 30cm 29cm 85cm

Rat flare pants with various designs of emblems and embroidery related to "wind". It has a zip open type with a silhouette that gently spreads toward the hem.

*This product uses IDG dye. The color may adhere to other clothing by wearing.
*This product is second-hand processed. Any tearing or damage caused by processing is the intention of the design and is not a product defect. In addition, since the changes due to aging are reproduced, the fabric may show weakness.
*This product is embroidered on the fabric. Please handle with care as the embroidered part may be damaged due to friction, snagging, etc.
*Although it is carefully made, the shape and size of each item may vary due to handmade embroidery. please note that. Pulling or hooking the embroidered glass beads may cause the sewn parts to become loose or damaged. In addition, due to the characteristics of delicate glass beads, they may be damaged by strong impact or long-term pressure. Please handle with care.
*This product uses natural leather. Please handle with care as there is a risk of dye transfer to clothing due to friction, sweat or moisture.
*This product is partly trimmed. There may be frayed threads in the fiber part, but this is the intention of the design and is not a product defect.

100% cotton
Separate cloth ① 100% cotton
Separate cloth ② Polyester 65% Polyurethane 35%
Separate cloth ③ 90% wool, 10% nylon
Patch base fabric 100% cotton
Patch embroidery thread cupra 100%
bead part glass
Use of cowhide

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